Kalani Ecstatic Dance


11:00 am

Ecstatic Dance

Each Sunday will open with a yoga warm up led by Megan, into an opening circle, and then a two and a half hour Ecstatic Dance, followed a closing circle.
Our Sunday dances have long been the heartbeat of a diverse community. It ignites creativity and connection. It provides a full body emotional outlet. It keeps us dancing through good times and bad. It’s a unique form of worship through self expression. It’s something our community created together. And it’s time to dance our prayers together again.
11:00 am
1:30 pm
12-6860 Kalapana - Kapoho Rd, Pāhoa, HI 96778
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Dance Guidelines

There are several guidelines for Ecstatic Dance.  

As “guidelines”, these are not hard and fast “rules”.  They are meant to be guiding principles for co-creating the “container” of Ecstatic Dance.

Note, they are all equally important and are interchangeable in their order.

  1. Keeping the space talk free (except in emergencies)
  2. Taking responsibility for ourselves and our own safety (also agreed upon when signing in)
  3. Contribute to the sustainability of Ecstatic Dance, financially and in other ways we can 
  4. Developing awareness of ourselves as individuals, as well as members of a group
  5. Developing awareness of the needs of the group, being self aware, careful, and considerate, not taking photos/video, also getting consent to dance with others
  6. Taking care of the space, adhering to the house/venue rules, only wearing non-marking dance shoes if needed, cleaning up after ourselves

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