Tribal DreamZ
Originally from NYC and currently based in Hawaii, Tribal DreamZ is a global Ecstatic Dance DJ who specializes in the dynamic infusion of tribal elements with modern music. Trained in Caribbean Percussion, Tribal DreamZ elevates each performance with live drumming, making the dance floor irresistible. With a diverse music library and the thunder of the drum, Tribal DreamZ's ultimate goal is to bring you to the dance floor, make you sweat, and leave you feeling a deeper connection to your mind, body, and spirit.

My MUsic

Tribal DreamZ is not just my name; it’s the experience. Each set is infused with organic tribal sounds, and is seamlessly blended with new age dance music. Ranging from Afro House, Latin House, to Medicine Music, to Bass, to Disco Funk, and soft ambiance, my intention is always to connect people with their bodies and ultimately make them SWEAT.     My mission is to help heal the world through music and dance, creating ultimate unity.


All the way from N.Y.C. Tribal DreamZ now calls Hawaii home. Music is not only a passion of Tribal DreamZ, it’s in his blood. His father “DJ 341” has been blending music for the past three decades. His stepfather Tomas Lopez is a phenomenal Grammy Nominated Latin Percussionist. Growing up surrounded by such great talent and living in one of the largest melting pots of entertainment in the world (New York City) has allowed Tribal DreamZ to become a well-rounded DJ. For the past few years he has been exploring the higher realms of music attending and performing at conscious/yoga festivals worldwide. His knowledge and passion in an eclectic taste of musical genres allows him to mix anything from Kirtan to Afro-Centric and EDM while keeping his audience blissfuly moving. As a drummer, Tribal DreamZ has traveled the globe in search of ancient rhythms and incorporates his knowledge of primal sounds into every set he lovingly creates.

“I get inspired from music all around the world, it’s a powerful form of expression I want to share.” – Tribal DreamZ

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November 25, 2022, 12:00 am
Bee Dance