Tyler Blank
Ecstatic Dance DJ based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and also travels the world, sharing the Vibration.

My MUsic

Avani plays every emotion, tempo, and genre possible to produce a journey of sound for the embodied spirit to experience itself. Avani appreciates both the sacred, and the profane, the tribal, the urban & futuristic… the masculine & feminine, the spiritual and the sexual, playful and mournful. Come take a ride, through the chakras, around the globe, from the ancient past through the distant future, arriving and enjoying, the right here and now.

Avani’s Music Journeys are true to the vision and scope of Ecstatic Dance, in that they defy traditional 1 tempo and 1 genre structures of many Music Producers, and instead embrace the All Tempo, All Genre Music available to the DJ. Music for Ecstatic Dance gives Birth to us from Ambient Dreamscapes of our Gestation, into the soft Downtempo sweetness of Infancy… Childhood curiosity gently explores Life after Innocence with Playful Glitch Hop and Organic Funk, and our Youth steadily grows into stronger and stranger Emotion


Avani is an Ecstatic Dance DJ, and Founder of Ecstatic Dance Oakland, SF, Fairfax, and the EcstaticDance.Org NonProfit Community. His music style can be called eclectic, eccentric, sometimes even ecstatic. He began his DJ career shortly after starting Ecstatic Dance Oakland, in 2008. Before that, it was creating mix tapes for road trips, then mixed CDs, and then onto Playlists… creating an Emotional Arc and Vibe for any given situation. Eventually it became clear that working with professional DJ gear to make smooth transitions was the way to share the music journey with dancers live.

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