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6:00 pm

6:00 pm

Online Ecstatic Dance

Mission: to populate the Earth with Ecstatic Dancers 🙂

Xstatic Dance Online is an international loving community of people who dance.

In 1:45min you are sure to experience a short but sweet themed opening ceremony/ warm up followed by a 65-75mins ecstasy inducing, expertly crafted live DJ set, finishing with a closing ceremony and friendly space for sharing and being in community. 

Each week the ceremony takes on new interesting theme delivered from a different or unusual perspective

We bring in a variety of guest DJ’s from around the world


co-founder and Ceremony leader Alena Pashnova brings her vast ecstatic dance experience, love of life and skills as a certified dance therapist to the opening and closing setting the mood just right 🙂 “Let me dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in my hair…” is her motto

co-founder and DJ Raul Xyado (zeye-ah-doh) originating in sub Arctic Canada dishes out Dancey classic favourite remixes of 60s70s 80s90s, mash ups, medleys, global sounds,  tribal beats, EDM, deep techno, progressive trance, DnB, yoga music, video game and movie soundtrack, dubstep, gay afterhours, country, hot 100, rock/alternative and spa music in Colorful Hypnotic loops with a Rainbow of emotions.  “Dancing Light and Bright to get Dark and Dirty” is his motto 🙂


DJ Silvax from Germany is also regularly playing. She discovered the 5 Rhythms practice and got in touch with Ecstatic Dance. That was her true calling, and the calling went louder and louder. Now she is living her dream to playing music, creating sound journeys that combine different styles and genres. Silvia wants to bring movement and healing of emotions into the world, so…  “dance like no one is looking at you, switch off you head and let your body move with the music” is her motto


6:00 pm
7:45 pm
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How Much
5-30 euros

Dance Guidelines

  1. Drink lots of water before the dance
  2. Please turn your camera on – even if its not pointing at you 🙂
  3. Let every one you share your space with know what your’e doing ( so you can turn the music up) ( and so they can join in !)
  4. Wear something fun and easy to move in
  5. We invite you to interact with the group by coming up close to your camera and expressing yourself. Its a nice way to connect.
  6. Bring fun objects or props to show in your camera and to dance with
  7. Normally there is no talking in Ecstatic Dance… however  we invite you to share how you are feeling  in the chat but to not get into conversations.
  8. Make noises ( laughing, shouting, roaring, heavy breathing, singing along etc… while you dance
  9. we invite you to add your location to your name in the zoom
  10. Feel free to join the dance for free and make a donation after

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