Fabio Freddi
Co-founder of Ecstatic Dance Italy, Fabio Freddi (aka DJ Ronin) started his career over a decade ago as a turntablist, doing international scratch competitions and touring with Italian hip-hop artists. One day, he had an awakening and realised the transformational power of music and dance. He went on to study psychology and shamanism, and eventually found his way to Ecstatic Dance, which fortuitously binds his passions and skills together. With his team, he runs regular events in Milan, Turin and Savona and other cities. 🇮🇹 He is part of the teaching DJ team of

My MUsic

I play music from all around the world.

I love to play organic instruments during my sets and sing.

Click here to listen to all my djsets:


36 years old, I am born and raised in Italy. I am a DJ and a transpersonal Counselor. From my childhood I nourished my passion for music, rhythm and djing, which leaded me to live national and international dj competitions (DMC World 2004) and to play on stage for many artists of the Italian musical scene. When I met the transpersonal and shamanic studies and practices, I switched my vision about music, integrating it in my musical approach.


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