mystic monkey - resident DJ @ Ecstatic Dance Bucharest
Stefan Dinca
mystic monkey dj senzoria digital
After years of mixtapes and compilations, the sound adventure continues with ecstatic dance and other soulful electronic mixes meant to move, shake and vibrate our bodies, minds and hearts. I live for the sound of the present flowing moment. peace & kindness stefan ❤️

My MUsic

Mostly influenced and inspired by the world electronic fusion sounds of medicine music, world bass, afro and south american beats and other experimental vibrations that naturally put us in motion and create the perfect sound setup for healing and connection.


mystic monkey is committed to dance as a means of connecting and liberating oneself. Ecstatic Dance Bucharest has opened the path of conscious movement, complementing his long time passion for music and deejaying. Through the dance practice, his inquiries into worldwide music creation went to even further horizons of the electronic spectrum, across a variety of genres, from chill & psychedelic all the way to medicine sounds.

He loves discovering tunes that inspire dancing and mixing them into journeys for deep inner exploration, opening the heart, uplifting the spirit and expanding consciousness. His motivation for delivering the sound background for the dance floor to ignite has turned him into the most enthusiastic Romanian Ecstatic Dance DJ.


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