Movement Medicine Dance Church



11:00 am

Movement Medicine is slowly testing the waters as Nashville phases open.

SUNDAY JUNE 28th, 2020, 11am-1pm 

Pre-reserve/invest for your spot, agreeing to the Four Agreements of Movement Medicine.

Movement Medicine seeks to provide a container that is set by

  • shared education about embodied consent & energy ethics,
  • demonstrated by a few additional safety measures (shared in the opening circle) and
  • held with heartfelt intention by the facilitator and DJ, Holli McCormick.  So that your dance experience and exploration can be deeper, wider and truly ecstatic.

Each dance journey is uniquely created in the moment, responding the the energy and emotions of the individuals and collectives.  As a Spiritual Director, she seeks to mix her highly attuned kinesthetic nature with her expertise wisdom as a Gatekeeper of life and death  in order to coax dancers into their pregnant void – the space where death & life are the same.  Where all possibilities co-exist. She has a knack for evoking the fullest range of emotions available to the human soul, even some that you might not know you had or needed to express.

Find her latest sets here:

SoundCloud (used for Virtual dances)

Upcoming Dances

Dance Guidelines

Ecstatic Dance – Simple Guidelines
1. We Dance to FEEL and EMBODY our uniquely creative self-expression – whatever that looks and feels like to you (hint might not look like dancing as we know it!)
In order to facilitate this, please note this space is FREE of:

  • intoxication (from drugs, alcohol)
  • Phones, Camera/Video Scents
  • free of acting on our expectations, judgements, shoulds, uughts…simply allow yourself to just be

2. We Dance using Body Language to speak – with respect for ourselves, one another and the space.

  • This is space is free of verbal Instruction from the Facilitators and talking from the Dancers.
  • This allows us to drop out of our Tower of thought, freeing the mind to reach a Meditative State via movement medicine!
  • In the opening circle – we review the int’l and dance specific guidelines* as to how to communicate non-verbally to others what your consent is

3. We Dance Barefootor with shoes, socks or foot-undeeze specifically for off-street dancing*
Allowing us to connect more fully with the Ground and ourselves – while healing our movement patterns
* If you have a physical condition that you need dance shoes, then OK

+we have a wrist band system to indicate non-verbally non-availability to dance with others

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Keep a finger on the pulse:

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