Founder and managing director of Ecstatic Dance Lanzarote & Ecstatic Dance Napoli

My MUsic

I try to stay true to the stages of the musical journey as indicated by the founders of the Ecstatic Dance, including playing for 99% of the songs released in the last 6 months. I try to give my personal touch by selecting music that you’d never expect to dance in an Ecstatic session, such as avant-garde jazz, hip hop or even classical music, or propose some personal remixes.

Being the resident DJ, I always try to involve at least one or two different musicians in each session to integrate their sounds with my mixed music, so I am always looking for artists to exchange experiences. My aim is to facilitate people on the dance floor to reach an energetic state that helps them meet their inner self.


DJ & Producer since 1986 in the Italian underground black music scene. I’ve collaborated with dozens of artists and directors and I’ve published a fair number of House and Electronic productions. My studies includes Sound Engineering, a graduation in Swedish, English and Multimedia Production. I also have a +20 year history in the field of personal growth and I’m an active researcher in the medicine of the soul.

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