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4:00 pm

4:00 pm

Ecstatic Dance

28th, 29th, October, 2023 Full Moon

Ecstatic dance is a liberating and transformative form of movement and expression that goes beyond traditional dance.

It’s a practice where individuals allow their bodies to move freely and spontaneously to music without set choreography or judgment.

Participants let go of inhibitions, connecting with their inner selves and the energy of the music.

It’s a holistic experience, encompassing mind, body, and soul.

Ecstatic dance encourages self-discovery, emotional release, and a sense of unity with others in the dance community.

It’s a safe and inclusive space for personal growth, healing, and joy, where movement becomes a medium for profound self-expression and connection.

We will have a beautiful island during the full moon of October just for us to celebrate this festival that includes: Ecstatic Dance, Breathwork, Yin Yoga… You will have time to explore the island, go to swim at the beach…
For more details, send us a DM with your email, and we will send you a dossier with everything in detail to resolve all your questions regarding this event (explanations of everything, location, accommodation, activities schedule, transport, pictures of the place…).
Event price 5000¥
Event price includes:
– Pick up from Oshima island port to the accommodation.
– 2 nights accommodation
– Breathing workshop (30 min)
– 2h Ecstatic Dance
– 1h Yin Yoga
– Breakfast Sunday 29th
– Drop off from the accommodation to Oshima port.

Dj Set:

do you need more info? send an email to

4:00 pm
6:00 pm
Once or twice a year
Otsu-7619-1 Nangocho Nakamura Nichinan, Miyazaki 889-3204 Japan
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Upcoming Dances

October 28, 2023

Dance Guidelines

Ecstatic Dance – 3 Simple Guidelines
1. We Dance without shoes (or: We Dance Barefoot)
This allows us to connect more fully with the Ground (socks are OK)
If you have a physical condition that you need dance shoes, then OK
2. We Dance without words (or: We Dance with Body Language)
This makes it easier to be in a Meditative State
No Verbal Instruction from the Facilitators
No Talking from the Dancers
3. We Dance as We Are
No Drugs/Alcohol, No Phones, No Camera/Video, No Scents, No Expectations, No Judgements, No Shoulds, No Oughts… Just Be Yourself; With Respect for Ourselves, the Space, and One Another.

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