The bigger space, Magnet House


Ecstatic Dance Budapest – Magnet House


6:00 pm

Ecstatic Dance

In Budapest we have weekly dances at 2 different locations:

1x per a month at Magnet House ( 1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 98) with 230 sqm dance space, dj + live music, movement workshops before Ecstatic Dance, 80-100 dancers’ energy

3x per month at Jurányi Ház (1027 Budapest, Jurányi u. 1-3, MoveIn Studio) with 100 sqm space, more intimate atmosphere, superb vinyl flooring, 40-60 dancers

6:00 pm
9:30 pm
Third Saturday usually, check our FB page or write email to make sure
Magnet Community House, Hamvas Room, 1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 98
How Much
5000 HUF

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Upcoming Dances

DJ Konrad, MettaSoul
March 21, 2020Biodanza workshop with Christiano Martins (Portugal)
DJ Konrad
April 18, 2020Movement Medicine workshop with Patrícia Mihályi (Hungary)
DJ Konrad
May 16, 2020Contemporary Contact Dance workshop with Zoltán Grecsó (Hungary)
DJ Konrad
June 13, 2020Infinite Movement workshop with Grégory Chevalier (France)

Dance Guidelines

Ecstatic Dance – 3 Simple Guidelines
1. We Dance Barefoot. This allows us to connect more fully with the Ground (socks are OK) If you have a physical condition that you need dance shoes, then OK.
2. We Dance with Body Language. This makes it easier to be in a Meditative State. During the Warmup there might be Verbal Instructions from the Facilitators. No Talking from the Dancers
3. We Dance as We Are. No Drugs/Alcohol, No Phones, No Camera/Video, No Scents, No Expectations, No Judgements, No Shoulds, No Oughts… Just Be Yourself; With Respect for Ourselves, the Space, and One Another.