Kerényi-Kiss Zoltán
Founder, organizer, facilitator and journey weaver of Ecstatic Dance Budapest / Integral Life Consultant / Integrated Dance & Expression Therapy facilitator / Conscious Dance Enthusiast / Zen practitioner . I am regularly dancing various modalities: 5Rhythms, Movement Medicine, Open Floor, Soul Motion, Contact Improvisation, Biodanza and contemporary dance classes.

My MUsic

Movement helps us to clear our lens and see the right view about who we are and why we are here. Dancing is a journey that opens up possibilities and brings in different perspectives, colors and adventures. It’s traveling out of ourselves in order to return back Home.

A dancer’s feedback about my style: “Evocative, tender, playful, energetic, full of perfect surprises.”

My journeys blend an abundance of feelings, emotions, energies, rhythms, tempos, genres. I use a lot of  acoustic music, eg. contemporary, classical, jazz, world.

As an ecstatic dance facilitator and community leader I combine ecstatic dance practice with other conscious dance as well as dance and expression therapeutic tools.


Ecstatic Dance Budapest events
Everness Festival Hungary 2018, 2019, 2021
Everness New Years Eve 2018, 2019
Jade Spirit Festival Hungary 2019
Ozora Festival Hungary 2019
Fesztelen Fesztivál Hungary 2019

HUG Festival (Handpan & World Music Gathering) 2021


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Keep a finger on the pulse:

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