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12:00 pm

Ecstatic Dance

As Atlanta’s very first Ecstatic Dance, Ecstatic Dance Atlanta has been an integral part of building Atlanta’s conscious dance scene and is a part of the worldwide Ecstatic Dance organization!

At Chosewood Ballroom in Atlanta, GA, we DANCE FREELY TWICE WEEKLY on:

Sundays from 12:00pm-2:00pm

Wednesdays from 7:30pm-9:30pm

We offer an inclusive space for dance and mindful embodiment. Our DJs create sets consciously designed with a wide genre of musical styles and tempos that encourage, and facilitate, inner and outer reflection through movement. Come as you are and connect with yourself, and community, through the power of conscious movement and music!

Our dance floor is substance free, shoe free, phone free, and talk free. We welcome all ages, all stages, all bodies, all backgrounds, and all capabilities. Handicap parking & building access is located in the back of Chosewood Ballroom. Look for our Ecstatic Dance sign out front!


12:00 pm
2:00 pm
420 McDonough Blvd SE Atlanta, GA 30315
How Much
$15 if you've got it; $10 if you don't. No reasonable offer refused. We accept cash, Venmo, and PayPal at the door

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Dance Guidelines

Ecstatic Dance Atlanta guidelines:

DANCE FREELY: Come as you are and move how you like. We hold intentional and inclusive space to meet you where you’re at. Feel free to move how you like, with respect for others and their personal space, on the dance floor as well as on our mats. No expectations, no judgements, no “shoulds”, no “oughts,” no worries! Be yourself with respect for yourself, the space, and other dancers.

GAIN CONSENT: Obtain a non-verbal “Ecstatic Yes” to dance closely with, or in physical contact with, another dancer. Asking for consent non-verbally can look like holding out your hand to another dancer. A non-verbal “Ecstatic Yes” can look like taking the offered hand or nodding your head “yes.” A respectful non-verbal “no thank you” can look like breaking eye contact, dancing away, nodding your head “no,” and/or bowing with your hands in prayer position as a respectful “no thank you.” If you aren’t sure if you’ve obtained an “Ecstatic Yes,” then please err on the side of caution and do not impede on another dancer’s personal space or touch them.

SHOE FREE: Please do not wear your street shoes on the dance floor. Dance shoes/socks or specialized shoes/equipment/apparatuses for disabilities and other physical conditions are OK! Where able and capable, we dance barefoot which allows us to connect more fully with the ground. We sweep and mop the floors in preparation for our dancers!

PHONE FREE: Please do not take any phone calls, photos, videos, or be on your phones while on the dance floor. This helps our community feel safe to engage in vulnerable and authentic non-verbal expression through movement. We provide social space in the front room, where the sign-in desk is located, for checking your phone.

TALK FREE: We dance without conversation on the dance floor to help facilitate a meditative state. Trills, yips, laughs, and other ecstatic sounds of appreciation and celebration are OK. We provide social space in the front room, where the sign-in desk is located, for friendly conversation. There are no instructions provided by the facilitators. Ecstatic Dance is a space for free-form movement.

DRUG/ALCOHOL/SUBSTANCE FREE: We dance as we are. Come as you are, how you are, where you are within, and move how you like and need. At Ecstatic Dance, we don’t use any mind altering substances to induce or change our states of being.

SCENT FREE: Some people are allergic, triggered, or distracted by strong smells, or odors, from chemical fragrances or poor hygiene. Please be mindful of any perfumes, oils, colognes, or any other actions you take that may significantly impact your personal scent and/or create a personal scent that is significantly noticeable.

REPORT YOUR CONCERNS: If you have any questions or feel that any of these guidelines are not being honored in our space, please immediately let one of our facilitators know.

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