Ecstatic Dance Arrábida





3:00 pm

3:00 pm

Ecstatic Dance

Every 2nd Saturday of each month, up to 120 people dance in Arrábida mountain (35 min. from Lisbon) in the natural park of Arrábida.

In this gathering we dance 100% where our infinite energy is revealed through movement.

ED Arrábida is considered one of the most magical Ecstatic in Europe : )

This event is led by Virgílio Beatriz, one of the organizers, space holder and DJ of Ecstatic Dance Lisboa and a free dance and body consciousness enthusiast.

He’s doing Ecstatic Dance since 2014 – regular in Portugal and also Brazil, India and Czech republic.

Ecstatic Dance Arrábida is in Ser Vivo in the natural park of Arrábida Mountains, which have a magical forest very close, and a old warehouse that has been remodeled, with a special floor to dance without limits! Its 200 square meters of dance floor : )))

It’s a full day/ night event:

Ecstatic Dance: 3pm

Mantras & Medicine Songs circle: 6:30pm

Enchanted Sound Healing: 10pm

+ info here:


Driving Directions and Parking:Very easy to find and park.
3:00 pm
11:50 pm
2nd Saturday of each month
Espaço SerVivo - Vale dos Barris - Palmela (35 min. from Lisbon)
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Dance Guidelines


1- We don’t talk in the dance floor > there’s amazing ways to connect and communicate without words
2- We dance barefoot > connecting with the ground
3- We don’t use drugs, alcool, smoking, “micro doses”.. > we have infinite energy inside that reveals in the dance, breathing and movement
4- We don’t use phones, photos*.. > every distraction can take you way from the present
5- We dance alone or with other people > but be aware if the other people feel to dance with you