VX - Virtual Ecstatic Dance - SF Sunday



10:00 am

Online Ecstatic Dance

New Times! 10am Yoga – 11am Dance! (PDT)

7pm & 8pm (CEST)

Zoom: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/vpYqcuChqTop8YrsdKCq0wnl-pHG8xtZlg

Meeting ID: 327 599 713

Music for Dance: https://www.Mixlr.com/dj-dakini

May 31 – DJ: Dakini – Yoga: Lucia Grace
June 7 – Kareem Raïhani

On Zoom:
9:45am – Technology Managed / Meet n Greet
10am – Yoga
10:45am – Virtual Guidelines – Opening Circle – Intention Setting

On Zoom with Separate Audio (see above link)
11am – Ecstatic Dance

On Zoom:
12:30pm – Meditation – Closing Circle – Shareback

Social Dancing in a Time of Physical Distancing!

This event is produced for our Collective Social Benefit, to assist us in Moving our Bodies, and Moving our Emotions! Through Zoom Video, we will be able to “see” and “dance” with each other. Access to the Music will be available through another app/website, for superior sound (use computer or phone, depending on your best Speakers). FYI, if on a Phone, you may not be able to use Zoom AND Music. Best is to use your Computer if you have for the Zoom and phone for the Music.

Your Donations are Distributed as follows:
45% – DJ
15% – Yoga Teacher
15% – Video Host
15% – Event Organizer
10% – Ecstatic Dance Bay Area Team (6 People)

$5 – $20 Suggested Donation – Credit Card
If Venmo or Paypal is easier for you:

If you are able to Give, Donations are shared with everyone involved (DJ, Teacher, Host, Organizer, & Bay Area Spaceholders)

If you are unable at this time, still come and get your Dance Medicine together with us!

Event Link

Meeting ID: 327 599 713

Music Link: https://Mixlr.com/dj-dakini

Hope to “See You” There!

Dance On!

Avani Tyler Blank

10:00 am
12:30 pm
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