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10:00 am

10:00 am

In these weekly online sessions, our Dance Master Momo Freehill will gently guide you through spontaneous responses to the current global themes inspired by the Gene Keys and elements of Nature. These sessions will greatly help you to transform whatever energy is moving through your body, and come into regular contact with your Core Stability.

” A form of deep contemplation in action, Momo’s sessions are always uplifting, heart-warming and welcoming of all comers, regardless of age or experience.” – Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys

Join Maureen, a VOICE in her Life’s Work and DANCER in Purpose, as she connects with the wisdom of the body and soul through exquisite sets of music.  She provides gentle verbal guidance utilizing prompts for deepening and imagery and themes from the Gene Keys and Nature.

Participants rave…
“I loved it, Momo.💗  I danced my heart out. The music — and your voice — provided the magic. Thank you. It was liberating!”  ~ Ani C. Florida

“It was so amazing!!!! So needed. Omigoodness thank you 🙏 . Sure. Just basking in the glow of that sweet dance still.”  ~ Carolyn B. Virginia

Maureen has been a professional teacher and performer of dance, movement and somatic work for over 30 years. She has  an MFA in directing Theater and Dance specifically Asian forms and founded Butopia ( Pacific NW Center for Embodied arts in Nature.

Her specialty is in guiding people to connect with True Nature inside and out through movement arts and well known for her work with Butoh Dance. 

Maureen lived and studied for 7 years in Japan with founder Kazuo Ohno and his son Yoshito working on Site Specific Improvisation in particular.  She has made over 500 online videos (

Over the past few years, Maureen has focused primarily on Butoh Landscape work with nature and outdoor sites.  She co-directs a non profit organization called NatureMoves, now in its 30th year working with LifeArt process of Anna Halprin and Tamalpa Institute. 

For anyone who’s financial hardship would prevent attending…please contact Maureen Momo directly at to discuss discount options.
Tuition is set by our host The Assemblage NYC.

Upcoming Dances

Dance Guidelines

Please arrive on time or 5-10 minutes early to land.
Dance freely as you feel from the inside out in any way that’s most satisfying for you.
The playlist is 1 hour.
We prefer to see you moving as it gives a stronger sense of connection….
Yet feel free to turn off your camera or leave the frame anytime you like.
If you can, please stay after with us for a 10-15 minute closing circle to reflect and integrate our experience.

– Plug your music device into your sound system!
– Give yourself plenty of time to get acquainted with Zoom (video and audio settings like Gallery, Speaker, Video, Hide Self View, Pin video, mute, etc).
– Arrive on time to get settled in.
– If you have other devices connected to the Wi-Fi network, it is more likely that there will be interruptions.
— Turn off other phones, notifications to allow this to be uninterrupted, undistracted embodied time.

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