Zentrip Muzik
Just Music, it depends on the mood but always with Uplifting intent. You can call it Ambient, Downtempo or Music for Meditation it doesn't matter because I don't classify my Genre. If you like it, please enjoy and I will be very appreciated for your feedback, and for you to follow me. I am a violin player, composer and producer. I also play string instruments such as Guitars, Ukolele, Viola Braguesa (Portuguese Guitar), Harmonium, Flutes, Percussions and so on and my lovely wife Karen sings with me. My name is Hari-Dass by the way. I used to be involved with the dance scene (manly Deep House) but then, around the year of 2017 I realised that it no longer makes sense producing for the Dancefloor. Peace and harmony is my goal, I do Meditation as a regular practice, Reiki and Silent Retreats. I am searching for the Truth inside and music for the dark places doesn't fit anymore. Music is one way to get in touch with our true nature and my decision was made. In 2018 as part of my living s

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August 1, 2020, 5:00 pm
Zentrip Ecstatic Dance