Live music for ecstatic- (trance) dance. #minimal #ostinate #polyrhythmic #trance #groove #soundscape #dreamscape #original music #licence-free

My MUsic

We play strongly rhythm oriented, almost minimalistic music for people who dance. No simple bass beats (boom-chack etc.) in 4/4 time – instead more complex but swinging rhythms. Rich instrumentation: accordion, piano, congas and percussion, guitar, donsonngoni, banjo, bass, voice. We encourage a dialogue between musicans and dancers. The only rules that apply are the common rules for ecstatic dance: no shoes, no talk, no mobile-phones/cameras no drugs but empathy and respect.

Our program is perfect for a 2 hour dance event. The musical pieces are joined together by calm and improvised transitions on one instrument. The energy flows in waves.


We have wide-spread musical backgrounds. From classical music to rock music, to bluegrass, to tango, to African and Afro-Cuban drumming to jazz …

We have played for a music contact dance in 2022 in Stuttgart, and for “TanzeDeinenSommer” near Stuttgart in 2023.

Next gig: Trance-Tanz, 28th December 

We are looking for more gigs to play.

Dance Sets


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December 28, 2023, 7:30 pm
Trance-Tanz mit Live Musik von Zeisig