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Yoga teacher and music producer, Javier Gil aka Yogagil has developed a spiritual electronic style, taking the yoga/music concept to the extreme. Topics under the uplifting concept that serve both to do yoga, physical exercise, dance or meditate and relax.
A percussion lover from a very young age and a DJ since he was 12 years old, Javier has been inspired by electronic music, low frequencies and spirituality to create a new musical concept and take you to other states of consciousness.
Creating an atmosphere of freshness and avoiding standardized sounds, this Spanish producer occupies one of the emerging roles in the yogi community, being the first yoga teacher to perform a live set while teaching the class.
Influences such as dub, ambient, downtempo or bass music give rise to a soundscape that surrounds you from the first moment.
Under the motto YOGA, MUSIC AND LOVE Javier performs his Yoga Live set and Ecstatic dance, taking creativity to the limit through his productions.



What does the pain have on you? Living with pain is one of the worst things in the world, so I would like to help you with my experience.
After being 5 times champion of Spain of Muay Thai and having carried out international bouts, I had been lame and with irreparable consequences all over my body. The retirement as a fighter was a failure to the point of being financially ruined.
Yoga, which had been my faithful companion and my form of rehabilitation since my adolescence, took center stage. Recovering from my injuries, living a life away from competition and enjoying my biggest hobby which is music seemed like an incredible plan. Music has been my passion from a very young age, always playing percussion with everything I got, at twelve I was already a DJ and a fan of sound in general.
Now I produce my own music for my yoga and ecstatic dance classes and my mission is to spread awareness around the world through yoga and music.

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