Victor Kostin
Founder, resident, оrganizer Ecstatic Dance in Moscow & Russia Dj, the Creator and Facilitator Ecstatic STOP Dance, NakED

My MUsic

World music, neoclassical, ethnic, bass, electronica, trance, techno, organic, medicine songs, meditation music


Ecstatic Dance for me is a mini life.

A grain is created by the magic of the universe .. It is saturated with moisture in fertile soil and releases a sprout. He seeks a way to give the world his splendor, breaks through difficulties, grows stronger, breaks out, meets the world, basking in the sun, absorbing moisture and air. It blooms, giving the world a beautiful flower and delighting existence. Then it releases its wisdom, heritage, and fades in the wind, connecting with the universe together.

This gift of life I live in Ecstatic Dance with all the senses and adventures. The music that I collect for such a journey comes from the hearts of musicians from all over the world who write music of various styles, and the Ecstatic Dance floor is the right place to experience the splendor of dance music with all your heart and soul!

Dance Sets


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