Spring Jaiah
Ember Spring Jaiah
Ember aka Spring Jaiah is Creative Director & resident DJ of Ecstatic Dance Cairns, tropical Australia's Ecstatic Dance community. Ecstatic Dance DJ, Dancer, Ritual Artist & Ceremonial Facilitator, Embodied Events Curator & Community Visionary, originally growing up in the bushland of Far North Queensland Australia it was a mid-twenties healing crisis that catalysed a devotion to multi-faceted healing arts through sound, somatic movement, ritual and dance.

My MUsic

A selectress of songs, sounds and genre diversity from across the world, she brings an ear for high quality music productions with a deep live for ethnic diversity, ecstatic vibrations and deep and sometimes dark depths. Every which way – it’s all love! Check her sounds out at www.soundcloud.com/springjaiah


Coming from a background steeped in global Ecstatic Dance culture experience, having lived and breathed it in Ubud Bali, as well as traveling to India, Thailand and all across Australia devoted to it; a leader in embodied arts and movement music medicine, DJ, dancer and community facilitator/leader of Ecstatic Dance, Ember Spring Jaiah brings her passion for the transformational affect of sound and movement free-form dance has on the entire body-mind, to all adult community. An Australian ED visionary who brings the high vibrational, intentional community spaces inspired by the Ecstatic Dance global music scene.

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