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DJ Socrates is a master in creating an exciting global dancefloor vibe. Combining Film music, organic Electronica, rousing Caribbean grooves, explosive Afro & Arab flavoured gems, Folktronica and whatever else is needed to stir up the fire. He brings a spiciness and primal intensity to the party, seducing and energising his audience slow and steadily. Be ready to go on an epic journey from lush meadows to dense forests, along noisy city highways to sweaty street parties and back into the jungle.


DJ Socrates has been rocking the dancefloor since 2003 in the Netherlands but also in Latin America, Crete, France, Scotland, Belgium, Germany and Italy. He’s equally comfortable performing at festivals as he is playing for private parties, underground happening & ceremonial dance events. When the audience is in for a true musical adventure, count on Socrates to make it happen!

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