Shupsy DJ's musical roots trace back to the rich tapestry of Hindustani Classical in India. Growing up amidst the vibrant musical culture in Delhi, she was immersed in the nurturing ambiance of ragas and classical foundations. Currently honing her craft in Austria, nestled in the heart of Europe, Shupsy DJ infuses a blend of cultural influences to techno beats, adding a unique dimension to her artistic expression. Her profound affinity for meditative and euphoric music is evident in the soulful and uplifting collection of music sets she curates. Each performance by Shupsy DJ is a captivating odyssey, weaving a tapestry of soulfulness that transcends the ordinary, delivering a spiritual experience that transports the listener to a state of ecstasy and fulfillment. Shupsy DJ's sonic creations serve as a catalyst for inspiration and transformation, beckoning the audience to embark on a profound exploration of innermost desires and spiritual journey.

My MUsic

Inspired by the mystical traditions of the East, Shupsy DJ harmoniously melds Oriental and Indian melodies with cutting-edge Dub Techno beats, resulting in a distinct sound that lingers in the listener’s ears well beyond the performance. Her music is a fusion of body and soul, transcending mere entertainment to fulfill the spiritual yearnings of her audience. By intertwining Indian classical elements with techno beats, blending Arabic and Oriental influences into the Western musical landscape, Shupsy DJ’s compositions invite listeners to delve inward, facilitating a journey towards self-discovery and the attainment of nirvana.



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