Shauna Devlin
Shauna Devlin
A 5Rhythms Facilitator, Dance Temple DJ and the founder of Dance Your Ability Therapeutic Foundation Shauna provides opportunities for a large variety of people to feel welcome to do their own unique dance on any dance floor and have an experience that is healing, positive, life affirming and community building.

My MUsic

I play a large variety of genres and styles, always with an intention to offer support for moving bodies and awaken souls.

I love playing world beat & electronic tracks with a good amount of nordic, folk and as well as the odd nostalgic track.  I use tracks with lyrics like a spice, with loads of intention and thought.

My desire is to get people moving so that they are able to tune into self, the group and to the mystery of life. I see music as the most powerful gateway and enhancement to experiencing a life fully lived.


Shauna is a warm & inclusive spirit. As a Group & Movement Facilitator, DJ, Activist and Catalyst for connection and joy, she uses her love of music and movement to create spaces where all can experience the many benefits of Conscious & Ecstatic Dance.

DJing since 2005

5Rhythms teacher since 2010

Dance Temple DJ since 2013
(Salt Spring Island, Victoria & Vancouver Island, BC Canada)

Dance Sets


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