Marie Bouzounie
Seagypsee’s devotion is to create safe, yet playful spaces, where the whole self is welcomed, inviting pure moments of joy, or reaching deeper spaces of transformation, where emotions and energy can alchemise into healing and liberation. She holds monthly Ecstatic Dances and cacao ceremonies in Wales as well as holding embodiment retreats in France and made offerings in festivals such as Anthropos, Vegan Organic, Rawgeous, All about Love.

My MUsic

Enjoy a smooth blend of elemental music, from tribal and shamanic beats, deep house, drum n’bass, dub, reggae, trance, amazonian healing songs and more… A heartfelt and joyful event to delight your 5 senses, uplift your spirit, be showered with love, and remind you how amazing you are 🔥


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