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Scott Houston delivers his sound as ritual for enthusiasts of the deep and sacred. Seamlessly blending hypnotic, minimal tech & shamanic medicine song to transform dark, instrumental harmonies into light. Through these vibrational experiences we receive an opportunity to transcend culture, emotion, time, and space as a means for accessing our fullest capacity as embodied beings.


In over a decade of utilizing dance as a healing modality, Scott Houston has come to believe in the inherent wisdom of the body and the power of music to move it. As an accredited 5Rhythms Teacher and seasoned host of Ecstatic Dance – Scott facilitates dances, classes, and workshops all over the world. His offerings are an open path to healing through a communion with the embodied self.

As an Atlanta-based, turntablist and selector – Scott has had the privilege of vibe-setting for headling artists: Acid Pauli, Mihigh, Raresh, Paco Osuna, Tara Brooks, Adysin, Maher Daniel, Andrey Pushkarev & Yoko0. Scott is also a classically-trained musician of 20 years, performance artist, Project B. resident DJ, workshop producer with 5Rhythms Atlanta, and Founder of Sol Dance Open-Air Ecstatic Dance Community.

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