Sabino Soares
I’ve turned to dance as a way to integrate my early training as a sports teacher (my actual job) with more positivity, creativity and passion. Since I was born in Angola (Africa), dance have been present all my life, my body reacts to rhythm even before I’m aware of it in my mind! As the Founder of Bkind Mindfulness Program, i strive to bring a life with higher quality, truth, joy and lightness to my community believing that we each have power to contribute to the happy life of one another. Teacher and trainer of Mindfulness for children. National Champion of Ballroom Dancing (Modern and Latin) in 2001. My diverse skills and talents are guided by the compass of my heart. In my current job as a Professor applying mindfulness practice in the public school system i find joy in all aspect of life while connecting them to my purpose. As the producer of Ecstatic Dance Faro and Lagos I have stepped up to DJ, lead ceremony probing i’m in total service to the dance!

My MUsic

I don’t have a particular style! I create my musics sets by the compass of my heart… sometimes i’m looking for new musics and, suddenly, a particular one inspires a all set. Music from all over the world, different sounds, african beats (as i was born in Africa) runs in my veins.


Dance Sets


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