Heart to Heart, Centre to Centre, Bass to Bass. WildSacred, Tribal Bass & Swampy beats catalyse energy on the dance floor and transport your journey all the way.

My MUsic

Rivka is known for her creation of deep dance journey sets. Rivka thrives on bringing humans together in ceremonial dance, where freedom, connection and transformation are embodied on the dance floor. Rivka uses her wizardry to alchemise the music of our planet’s phenomenal producers, to create her own sound aesthetic with intention to inspire an expansive cellular experience.
Rivka plays temple beats, bassy vibes, world rhythms and interesting sounds, curated and mixed well for a fluid and cohesive journey


As a conscious dance facilitator and community dance practitioner herself, Rivka holds space, teaching classes in Australia and New Zealand  including workshops for several music festivals including Rainbow Serpent (Vic), Luminate (NZ) Earthartbeat (Vic) & Yumaanda (Vic). Rivka has been performing as a DJ since 2014 at festivals, events and in ecstatic dance communities extensively.

Dance Sets


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