Nana Dakini
Nana Dakini, founder and resident DJ of Ecstatic Dance Rosenheim & Innsbruck, passionately loves to create a SENSUAL SPACE through sound, where sacredness & prayer, tigerishness & vitality, tenderness & silence and playing & exploring are melting into one. She honours this magical and deeply natural moment, when the music grabs you by the spine and moves your body without consulting the brain. This moment, when pure sensual awareness enters your heart and your hips, when you are in full contact with your inner wisdom and your feelings. Nana is working as an ayurvedic massage therapist and bodyworker and has a deep understanding of creating and holding space for deep and sensitive group and circle experiences.

My MUsic

Nanas style covers sacred ambient soundscapes, earthy shamanic rituals, hip hop & sensual arabic influences, mantras & beats, trip hop, downtempo, balkan & electronic, percussion rhythms relined with a deep bass – world fusion beats from ancient futures..


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