Miss Juicer

My MUsic

Give YOU Something to dance to✊ #Trance is my first love 💕 Melodic house & techno – Pop & dance

Listening to trance music and moving to it is like medicine, it gives strength and faith in a beautiful world. Besides trance music I have a broad taste of music in my collection.

I like to start with meditation music and can add surprising songs for an ultimate pallet of feelings. Experiencing stories of feelings by mixing music together harmoniously is great, especially when you have a wild crowd in front of you.

I like to look at the moon phase for a deeper meaning and connection.

Letting people experience what it’s like to be naturally high through dance and music alone is my mission.


Since 2020 I have discovered and developed myself into an ecstatic dance DJ. I did some online gigs since then but I prefer to see you guys live!

I’ve different kind of music mixes online. I played live in my hometown Eindhoven at different places since 2015. I like to play with my Traktor controller and (my own) remix decks. For a time i used the name Apple Juice, the new website is not ready yet.

I’ve made a DJ booth that can work completely without a power supply for like 2 or 3 hours.

Dance Sets


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