Hi! I wanted to introduce myself (virtually) and tell you guys a bit about me... My name is reia(MEHRŸA) I'm a dj from east bay. I want to share my art and love for dance and music with my ecstatic family. Ecstatic dance is home for me. A place where as a dancer I feel alive. As a DJ my goal is to bring authenticity, diversity, love, and freedom to my people. I've been DJing ecstatic sets in San Francisco, Oakland, Ecstatic dance retreat Santa Cruz, and ecstatic dance Sacramento. Really looking forward to creating magic together🙏 Love and Gratitude, -Reia

My MUsic

MEHRŸA’s style for ecstatic dance is a mesmerizing fusion of sensual, booty-shaking beats, infused with tribal rhythms and a touch of soulful music. With a deep love for the power of bass, she crafts a sonic journey that moves the body and stirs the soul. But MEHRŸA’s artistry goes beyond the music itself. She thrives on connecting with the dancers, creating a sacred space where they can surrender, unleash their inner sensuality, and guide hearts to unity, a collective trance of pure bliss. Her sets are carefully curated to guide the dancers through a transformative experience, leaving them feeling uplifted, liberated, and deeply connected to the magic of the dance floor. Surrender to the rhythm, and let the music take you on a journey.


You are loved always!

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July 22, 2023, 9:00 pm