Kevin James Karas
Kevin James Karas

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Weaving devotional yogic & medicine music with tribal downtempo electronic, global house, old school R&B, funk and ambient music, I like to take people on a guided sound journey into the depths of themselves. During live performances, we always end with live sound journey with Paiste Symphonic gongs, tibetan singing bowls and handpans.


Hello! My name is Kevin James Karas, E-RYT 500. I am on a mission to educate and grow the community of people seeking wellness in mind, body and spirit. I manifest this mission as Executive Director of Elevate Akron, a yoga nonprofit organization which has served to make yoga accessible to 13,000 people.

I also conduct research at The University of Akron on the contemplative practices and presence of master teachers of yoga, meditation, & holistic education. I apply these studies by leading a 200 hour holistic yoga school hosted at my intentional living community founded in 2016. I also facilitate Guided Sound Journey meditations alongside SEER music to make meditations accessible online on Insight Timer as well as in-person at yoga studios & festivals. Lastly, I teach daily yoga classes in the community to raise students’ self-awareness and live more meaningful lives at Yoga Squared & The JCC Shaw in Akron, OH.

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