Kaiser Souzai
Markus Binapfl
Enjoy my unparalleled electronic and hybrid classical music, which seamlessly combines healing "Solfeggio" frequencies to restore balance to your chakras and energy centers, all while you dance.

My MUsic

I have crafted and produced a meticulously engineered one-hour album that seamlessly merges electronic dance music and classical hybrid music with the profound transformative powers of healing Solfeggio frequencies. Through the engaging practice of ecstatic dance, these compositions empower the synchronization and equilibrium of your chakras within just one hour. Following the dance, you can indulge in a calming chakra meditation accompanied by healing frequencies that offer the epitome of relaxation..

Due to concerns of music piracy and copyright infringement, I regrettably cannot make the “Healing Frequencies” album available on Soundcloud as it features entirely unreleased content created specifically for the energetic dance scene.


In the vast world of electronic music, my name is Markus Binapfl, also known as Kaiser Souzai. With a musical expedition spanning three decades, I have embarked on deejaying across the globe, captivating audiences on every continent and producing an abundance of extraordinary electronic music during this time. Furthermore, I have taken on the role of creating an extraordinary meditation experience known as “FrequencyTravels.com”. This immersive journey utilizes Solfeggio Frequencies, Binaural Beats, and my own artfully composed music to offer a healing and transformative escape.

Utilizing my expertise as a producer of meditation music and electronic dance music, I curated the “Healing Frequency Dance” to combine the two genres, channeling transformative healing frequencies that resonate through the dance floor, restoring balance to your chakras and rejuvenating your energies.

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