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Born in Southamerica, Intiche is currently based in a beautiful forest. His passion for music began some past lives before this one. surrounded from musicians since a baby, start Playing instruments when a little child. always curious, always wanting to learn more: a heartfull autodidact. After countless journeys through South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and in and out the universe, he start to dive into the world of self discovering. Developing a style of organic electronic music. The music of Intiche is a deep fusion of natural organic sounds, traditional instruments and music inspired from various ancient cultures, funny crazy loops, organic outdoors recordings and eternals deja vu. Channeling experimentation with spacey, universal waves and frequencys, downloads of atemporal melodies, combined with minimal, tribal, hiphop beats, breakbeats and electronic powerfull downtempo , uptempo and no tempo beats; lot of fun and the love for samplers dance hits. His sound could transports you into the heart of your jungle, over the summit of your own mountain, across the seas of your emotions, flying throug out of your ego and back as we stomp on the grounds of the Pacha mama soil together and shake the spirits to the bones. music festivals (such as Fusion Festival, Ancient Trance, Kometa, …), ecstatic dances (in Holland, Belgium, Russia, Berlin, Barcelona, Ibiza, Norway…) , ceremonies, sound journeys, healing gatherings (Bali Spirit Festival, Agape Zoe Festival Corfu…)

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February 19, 2022, 6:00 pm
ecstatic dance porto - portugal