Diego RG
Hola :) Im a music and dance lover, music is my passion and dance is one of my favorite ways to express myself Im a professional of physical education and yoga / meditation teacher in Valencia, Sapin Im also a composer of electronic music and sometimes Club DJ, i have a project of Latin Jazz DJ Sessions I have been in the music scene for more than 15 years and i feel deeply touch by the way to connect with music and dance under the ecstatic dance community

My MUsic

I Like yo play and open and eclectic sessions to create a community atmosphere, a space to communicate with the eyes and movement, full of respect and love

I would like to play music that i take my time to curate, trying to offer new an unexpedted things to the dancers, using my experience as a club dj, music composer and event creator to share the message of ecstatic dance


Club DJ

Composer of deep house, electronic music, techno, ambient

DJ of Latin Jazz

Collaborator with Dance and Drama companies


Dance Sets


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