Eiutim (Fr)
eiutim dj ecstastic dance
Eiutim is a passionate human being combining movement and authenticity with the depth of everyone\'s emotional universes. An invitation to expression with presence and love. Based in the french Pyrenees !

My MUsic

Sharing meaningful and true vibes with love, joy and passion.
Each event is unique and created in the moment.

Feeding soul and heart with music and silence. Peace is created from within.
During magical and mystical journeys, you\’re invited to find that peaceful and serene space where all emotions and movements can be expressed with full spontaneity.

You might find yourself behind all beliefs and ideas about yourself and the world.

Everything will fall into place.


He began his inspiration in music by drawing from the tunes of the world in the early 90s. Explorer of feeling and grooves on the fringes of the mainstream, his mix filled with love invites you on a journey where emotions, imagination and presence can be lived and expressed in depth.

The encounters, his personal path and explorations on various continents, make this
benevolent musical artist a rich and whole being.


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