DJ TreasureTailor
Michael Schatzschneider
DJ TreasureTailor doing the opening set at the alternative Goulash Disko Festival on a remote Croatian island surrounded by the Mediterraen Sea.

My MUsic

Michael often does nine-to-five days searching for spot-on music which has led to a big collection of 15,000 songs. He blends his mixes with slow aum starters and finishers with interesting build-ups, grooves, and mid-set bounciness. Amongst other elements, his diverse music genres include Global Bass, Trap, Tribal, Deep House, Dance, Future, Mystical, Psy, GlitchHop, Twerk, Electronic, World, Ethnotronic, Chill, Ambient etc. Michael has a unique music style as he hardly ever uses a song that totally fits a specific genre; examples for this would be American Country music wrapped into GlitchHop, or Arabic Dance wrapped into Trap, or Indonesian HipHop wrapped into World Beats.


Michael is an ecstatic world citizen who has lived in 7, worked in 35, and travelled in another 15 countries. This planetary experience enables him to play music sets combining all sorts of genres and culture styles. Trained as an ED DJ by Ecstatic Dance International, Michael has set up and runs Ecstatic Dance Bonn in the old West-German capitol and has also done ED gigs in Croatia, Pakistan, Jordan, and Serbia…with much more to come soon 🙂

Dance Sets


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