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It is doing Ecstatics where I have found greater creative freedom, because I do not fit into any style and I can deploy all my musical baggage at the service of the participants. Gratitude and Connection is what I feel at the end of each session, regardless if I dance or facilitate it.

My MUsic

As for musical styles, from the psychedelic scene (like Dj In Lak’ech), I have travelled to other rhythms, without ever limiting myself in any style. Currently as Dj Nekken I go through different sound landscapes, from dub, electro swing, ambient, progressive, house, techno, world, folk, classical, shamanic, eclectic, …

Music is the guideline to an emotional trip to connect. Ecstatic Dance it’s  a safe space where you are invited to let go of expectations and to immerse yourself in a journey through your dancing mind, body, heart and soul…Welcome home!


I love to dance and enjoy music since I have memories. The guitar took me through different stages and the dishes through different dance floors and beautiful sunsets.

Astrology and an insatiable curiosity brought me to Ibiza in 2004, I was a dj resident in the Out of Time People until 2012. As a guest DJ, I went to different places in Ibiza; Sonica radio, Las Dalias, Kumharas, Imagine, Sunset Ahsram, Swag, Casita Verde … events around the peninsula; Happy Festival, Ama Festival, Night of the Tribes, Gadélica, … and various private parties.

In 2015 I discovered Ecstatic Dance and opened a door to dance as a tool for personal growth. Biodanza, Contact, 5 Rhythms, Vital Readjustment, Presence, Gaga, … I do not miss the chance to try, investigate and dance any practice related to free movement and body expression.

Since June 2016, facilitator of ECSTATIC DANCE, marking a monthly rhythm in Ibiza and holding sessions where I have occasion; Barcelona, ​​Menorca, Galicia, Ugena, …

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