DJ Mantra
Music to me is more than spiritual adding movement raises the vibration to greater levels of connection, healing and so much more. On the journey for self-healing lead me to discover different paths. Having always been a seeker in different forms, choose to go deeper not only with music, processing forward more in curiosity of sound emotional effect and the ability to connect with others while doing so drove me to completely change my style of deejaying and turned me into a complete new direction to share this experience with others-

My MUsic

Always have been a seeker of sound, looking, searching and searching for parts and pieces that transcend the mind as well as the body. Truly enjoy stretching out to the amazing palette of sounds and songs, rhythms and beats of world and sacred music, nature sounds along with remixed mantras and chants, ecstatic peaks and valleys are where we find the true journey within.


Yoga DJ, Ecstatic Dance DJ and Spiritual Sound Seeker, on the path of beats and bhakti. Raising vibrations at yoga classes, festivals and ecstatic gatherings. Creating playlist for Yoga Teachers and Studios nation wide. Opening, preforming with many of todays Kirtan and Conscious recording artist. Father, Husband, DJ, Music producer, Designer, Certified Yoga Trance Dance teacher and Mantra Music recording artist can be found at


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