Guido de Winter
I love to dance and to create great dance experiences with music. I have a love for Ecstatic Dance music: world music, shaman, tiribal, native; But I also like pop music, soul, disco and I like to blend these into the mix as well! Together with all kinds of electronic dance music, hip-hop, rock; there are no boundries for me as long as the ritthem and message feels right. I always try to be with the dancer, to create a special admosphere where you can loose yourself into the dance. To provide music where you’ll be able to get into trance and express yourself in new ways. With crazy sounds, creative music and mix that with some nice dance tunes so people can get ecstatic!

My MUsic

I like to mix Ecstatic Dance music (like world music, shaman, tribal, melodic techno) and combine that with some more Electronica, funk, disco. And then use some more different kinds of music like Hip-hop, rock to make a great mixture of sounds and dance styles possible.

I like to suprise people and go off the beaten track with them, go a little harder then what I normally here.

I love to seek the boundries and stretch them a little.


I play at Ecstatic Dance Krommenie in the Netherlands.

Dance Sets


March 20, 2020, 12:00 am
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Keep a finger on the pulse:

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