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High-Vibe musix + ecstatic sound Journeys... a rapturous intoxication with the divine. Medicinal, shamanic and organic, multi-layered soundfields. You are invited unto a cosmic journey within yourself, where the finest music is the only guide, your mind a witness, and your body the instrument... forget your mind and surrender to ecstasy ~ BE DANCE ~ let go …

My MUsic

My tunes are medicinal, shamanic and organic, multi-layered soundfields which invite you to dive deep into yourself and the magical Cosmos we inhabit. Coded with specific frequencies, natural sounds and sometimes spoken wisdom pearls, my sets entice  you onto Journeys into an expanded state of
Ecstatic Awakening.



I’ve been dancing wildly and ecstatically ever since my Teenage time, and back then, it was mostly Psychedelic Rock and Goa that turned me on and gave me the space to enter into deep states of Trance.


When I discovered 5 Rhythms and festivals where it was possible to get high naturally, I felt drawn to the depth that the wave-like journey through different rhythms can create. Exploring this deeper, Ecstatic Dance came my way. Following my passion of discovering & exploring music, I began to share it offered my first Ecstatic Dance in 2014:

shamanic organic Ecstatic Dance Sets medicinal psychedelic ceremonial divine music Mix
Since those days, my tunes evolved into shamanic organic multi-layered soundfields, with many medicine songs and an enticing underlying beat and bass, taking the dancers on shamanic healing journeys.shamanic organic Ecstatic Dance Setsmedicinal psychedelic ceremonial divine music MixEcstatic Dance – Earth Temple Ceremony

Cacao Ceremony Dance Celebration

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Nowadays, we like to create ceremonial events as a small Team, combined with the medicine of Cacao, and an integration phase with sacred Song circles or Gongs + Singing bowls.

Ecstatic Dance Ceremony AltarCosmic Ecstatic Dance Journeys + Cacao Ceremonyshamanic organic Ecstatic Dance Sets medicinal psychedelic Cacao Dance Ceremony

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