Dark Cherub
Dark Cherub always gets the dancefloor moving as much as possible in all the best of ways. Inspired by the previous owner of the Ecstatic Dance in his hometown he has committed the last 6 years of his life at perfecting his art of bringing Chill Organic vibes we can all connect on together with sick Bass lines and Glitchy cathartic Edm. Putting the audience in a Journey that delivers our intuitive interpretation of the magic of movement medicine. An Outerspace ninja in his Dreamtime hunting the funkyiest Breaks and Dance grooves. Sounds like Sphongle meets Frank Zappa meets Squarepusher. Nothing too ineffable or sacred to share with open minded friends.

My MUsic

Breaks / Glitchop / Ambient / World music / Funk / Blues / Fusion / Techno / Trance / Dubstep / Hip hop / Trap / Psychill / Balaeric / Chillroom / Deep house / Beats / Eclectic / Psychedelic / Folk / Sound healing / Ethnic / Jazz / Jungle / D n B / Nostalgic / Tribal


I look to create a dream like soundscape and move Energy through the crowds while blending experimental sounds and rhythms that i spend my life listening too.


I make people sweat and i make my lover enjoy my Dj mixes. My goal is to reach your soul with my fancy selection skills but it’s also to stay humble and dance with you all.


To be a leader that is Being Lead by the Dance itself. That is my Aim for the Experience i Provide. To let my spirit follow my intent into the space and make the ceremony intense but Sacred and inclusive for all tastes and body types.


To invite a crowd of people into my Heart. That is the life i have chosen.


And I find that i never have everything under control all the way so i let my Dj sets have a little breathing space. I come over prepared and Change up my plans as i go about.


Reading the room takes experience and i may not be Rich but i have Deejayed a gazillion times and half of those were for other people. Given that no one ever strangled me or threw tomatoes at me in the past 12 years of mixing. ( not everyone liked me ) i am assuming i have “read the room” a lot in my short life so far and i will never cease to be amazed at how Ecstatic dances’ no talking rules have really empowered me to focus on crafting my journey and taking musical risks that most of the time end up giving me my unique “Vibe”.


The ‘ Je ne sais quoi ‘ that makes me “better” than any other DJ who isn’t me ?




It also humbles me when i start to think i am a superstar.

I’ve meet Beats antique , Kalya scintilla , Deya dova , Outersect , and the list keeps getting cooler as the years go by. I am a student of my favorite musicians not a master.


I play in Bands and have immense respect for music. So i Live a very musical life.


I spend all my money on music gear and living expenses.


I dance with my partner and She co hosts Ecstatic dances with me as we travel about.


I love cooking / Reiki / yoga / and camping


I have a Dog and I lead the Sacramento Ecstatic Dance since 2016.


I seek to inspire and Renew your playful innerchild connection with a grown up party vibe. I also hold sacred intent for the dance not to get to crazy. ( none of my songs will make you levitate or leave the room in a rage ) I enjoy seeing people grow as a community and witnessing the evolution of Ecstatic dance since i joined my local Crew in 2013 at age 22.


I now have outlived Jim Morrison and Hope i will be True to the lizard king’s ideal of :


” I am the lizard king … I can do anything ” — J M


And with those words let’s Make your Dancing Dreams Come True Now.


— Love and Light








Since the year 2012 this angelic music curator has thrown down some extremely Groovey sets across most of northern California and recently the World at large.

With a Growing following and a Home-Based event that became his Main Residency He spends most of his time creating conscious events and Spreading music to all kinds of crowds with his efforts to raise the Vibe on earth.

Also currently a Resident Dj at Barefoot Boogie in Berkeley Ca since 2017 and a resident Dj at Sac Cirque’s event Glowflow since 2018 ( Our local monthly Circus Flow Jam ).

This Goof ball has taken Dj ing seriously last few years and currently leads his life day by day guiding ceremonies and getting booked for All types of Creative Bass gigs and Festivals everywhere.

His favorite Thing is allowing for people to integrate their own experience almost each time he Djs a cozy crowd with a sweet sound system.

There are too many small stories to sum up this Dj s enthusiasm for what he does and how magical it feels to inspire others through his gifts and the application of his time and energy to his favorite Craft. Moving crowds of conscious Dancers. Creating Connection And dancing with the people all over the world.


” I don’t have a life, But I have a Study ” — Sun Ra


We are all but students of the True movement and we know i still have much to learn.

And as Dark Cherub’s Study of music inspires many more along the way.

We ask those who feel inclined to Tune into to his Mixcloud.com And dance with him.

( www.mixcloud.com/darkcherub/playlists/ecstaticdancearchives )


Life is so much more magical with Good Music.


Don’t miss out on this Sonic dancefloor wizard and Join our next dance.


Love and Light

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February 28, 2020, 12:00 am