My MUsic


Born a wanderer, I’ve spent a large part of my life traveling through Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Central America. These unique experiences are reflected in my DJ sets, where I weaves seductive rhythms, exotic melodies, and raw emotion into the tapestry of the dance floor.

Ecstatic Dance gives me the chance to combine my house and techno roots with world music, dub, downtempo, bass, jazz, tribal and even classical tracks to create memorable journeys through sound.


As a classically-trained cellist, my musical journey started with Bach, not Beatport—but after tasting the ecstasy of a dance floor for myself, I fell hopelessly in love with underground house and techno.

Today, I share that magic with whoever will listen, both through my live sets and my Faded Flower mix series on Soundcloud.

A writer by day, I like to bring my understanding of composition, phrasing, storytelling to every mix. My goal is always to take you on a journey through sound—around the world and then deep within yourself.

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