Bernice Raabis
Bernice is the Founder of Dance The Medicine, the DTM DJ School and Ecstatic Dance International, she is on a mission to infect the world with conscious dance. She is a DJ, a conscious dance facilitator, an expressive arts therapist, a teacher and the mother of 4 daughters.

My MUsic

“The Magic Carpet Ride”  is my style. Multi genre/multi bpm sets filled with intelligent music. I love tracks that blend unlikely genres and instrumentation, I love to surprise my dancers with the unexpected.


Bernice is an accidental DJ. Her heart’s call from a young age was to facilitated conscious dance events. Because music is the faithful companion to dance it was inevitable that she soon became obsessed with crafting musical journeys. By 2019 Bernice had collected a team of International Ecstatic DJ’s to teach the first ever Ecstatic DJ Training in Portugal (2019).  She  spends her time travelling the world teaching DJ skills, event organization and embodied leadership trainings. The icing on the cake is that she gets to play epic tracks for epic dancers at conscious dances all over the world while travelling to promote the work of her team!

Dance Sets


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