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From the base of Mt Shasta, CA, BeeLove pollenates your soma with sonic nectar and thrives on seeing hearts open and community kin-nect in the dance space. Lisa has been DJing and co-hosting ecstatic dance in Mt Shasta since 2019.

My MUsic

Being a 5Rhythms inspired dancer, Lisa loves that providing a safe place for expression of the body temple and soul can weave an open hearted community into a higher love and ripple out to humanity. She likes to play a 5Rhythms-inspired wave weaving a vast variety of genres into a coherent, sometimes playful and always engaging experience. You’ll hear current mixes, sacred sounds, medicine music and global harmonics with abundant bass and lyrical melodious movements.

Release the monkey mind, feel your heart, stomp your feet, connect with the BeeLoved… Let’s Dance!!

DJ BeeLove Testimonials:

“Oh, and your set last week? Off the charts, woman. Seriously. Who was I speaking to that night? He said, “She’s a natural at this.” And I agreed. I enjoyed your music soooo much. You have a real gift. I can imagine the circle afterward was full of appreciation. Keep it coming!” -Heather Pendergast

“Tonight’s estatic dance was, BEYOND. BEYOND. BEEEEEEYOND. Thank you Elizabeth Diane: my love for all you create and give to this small little mountain town, wow: i just have no words but endless loveeeeeeeee.” Kami, Mt Shasta

“Just want to say that dance last night was EPIC!!! I have seriously loved both of your sets so so much. William and I agreed that last night flew by faster than any ecstatic dance we’ve been to in so long. And the playfulness and community connected consciousness was off the charts… And in our hearts!!” -Madhurai Sumhara

“Awesome dance Thursday! You rocked us! Do you have a [recording] of it? … this is what we like, what moves us: real musicians playing real instruments, sophisticated upbeat up-tempo rhythms, one song merging into the next seamlessly (sometimes overlapping a little; excellent!), without momentum-stealing gaps, lots of drums, percussion, high energy stuff! Not the sleep-inducing simplistic techno-beats.“ -Larry


Ecstatic dance freed Lisa from her old stories of self judgement and social expectations when she began dancing 5Rhythms in 2005. Since then, she has experienced the power of a higher love through music and movement in many cities along the west coast and Hawaii, and now in Mt Shasta where she co-facilities weekly ecstatic dance. She has been a monthly DJ for Mt Shasta Ecstatic Dance.

Lisa brings her passions for piano playing, sacred geometry and sonic alchemy together in the Dance as a moving meditation, ecstatic prayer and gratitude for the wild juiciness of life. Release the monkey mind, feel your heart, stomp your feet, connect with the BeeLoved.

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December 31, 2023, 11:00 am
Mt Shasta Ecstatic Dance - Soul Sweat Sunday