Barefoot Bob
My Barefoot Boogie sessions are a chance to dance how you feel to my eclectic musical mix. Relax and have fun! 

My MUsic

I am a genre-fluid DJ who plays Rock, Funk, Soul, Techno and Electronic Dance Music, with the occasional ballad.  Folk and World Music might be thrown into the mix, too!

Each session begins with an opening circle and a short warm-up to facilitate relaxation, integration, and energy expansion.  There will be a short period of meditative silence and a farewell circle to close the session.


I have danced and played as a DJ for many years, exploring many strands of improvisational, expressive and ecstatic dance, including Movement Medicine, Open Floor, and 5Rhythms. 

Dance Sets


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May 14, 2023, 6:00 pm
Barefoot Boogie