Barak Yerushalmi
✶ BARAKU - Ecstatic music journeys that light up the inner fire and open the heart to love ✶

My MUsic

I play music that moves the body and the emotions.

I mix up groovy music from many genres: Sacred music, Electro sacred, Latin house, Goa trance, Down tempo and more.

I choose music with words and melodies that have good vibes and open the heart to love.



I started being a DJ when I was 16 years old, in school parties and later in small clubs, playing mostly Hip hop & Dance music.

When I was 22, I discovered Trance music, and became a DJ in outdoor parties and raves.

After many years in the Trance scene, I made a long break in DJing, concentrating in creating music and exploring movement as a dancer. In this period, I became a Capoeira teacher, and published two books (“Besouro” and “Dance of the earth”) and several songs.

In 2021 I fell in love with the Ecstatic dance and started DJing again.

These days I DJ and dance all around the Ecstatic dances in Israel.



Dance Sets


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January 10, 2023, 8:00 pm