My MUsic

I only play music that I love, that moves and inspires me. I am moved by so many different styles of music and within ecstatic dance I found a way to combine them.

For me it’s important to include fast and wild music, like Psytrance or Drum & Bass to round a movement journey.


Hello, my Name is Janis

I live for Ecstatic dance. breathwork. crafts. Guitar, Mantras & Medicine Songs. Contact Improv. authentic Encounter. Tantric and sensual positive spaces. Conscious touch. non-verbal togetherness. medicinal plants. Community.

As DJ and space holder I love navigating a movement journey. I succeed best when I start without a concept and, during the dance, keep feeling where the group is at the moment and what it needs.

For me, ecstatic dance Expanding consciousness without substance use, movement meditation and practicing in presence.


I’m located in Switzerland, Bern and organise here regularly my own ED events.

Dance Sets


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