Ali Gria
Jess Jones
Classically trained vocalist and guitarist turned DJ. Ali Gria is a nomadic native of Upstate NY. She found a love for dance through a modern dance class in her college years and more recently with 5 Rhythms at Esalen and ecstatic dances at Envision Festival 2023.

My MUsic

Inspired by the likes of J.Pool, Mose, Desert Dwellers, and Treavor Moontribe.  Ali Gria uses tribal elements mixed with deep bass and polyrhythms.  As a lover of house music, you can expect at least one track in each mix.


Ali Gria is a multi-instrumentalist, DJ, and producer born and raised in the serene landscapes of upstate New York.   Ali’s journey into the heart of dance music began amidst the pulsating crowds and kaleidoscopic festivals of Southern California.  After dancing the 5Rhythms at Esalen in 2022 and attending Envision Festival in 2023, she grew a passion for ecstatic dance.  Her classical training serves as a solid foundation, enabling her to infuse each performance with a unique and mesmerizing quality. Her seamless transition from classical to electronic music showcases her versatility as an artist, combining the ethereal qualities of her voice with the pulsating rhythms of music.

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