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Ecstatic Fire Dance, a type of ecstatic dance, is an intentional self-guided movement exercise created by DJ/Producer A.R.S. 111 as a tool to navigate, release, and integrate suppressed emotions that are traditionally considered to be “negative”. Prepare to confront your own anger, fear, and insecurities as we take a deep dive into our collective shadow. Ecstatic Fire Dance is generally much more intense than the traditional ecstatic dance experience- giving us the opportunity to step past our discomfort and lean into our edges a little more. Let the music be your anchor and your motivation. Typically comprised of a wide variety of genres- you might hear everything from Global Bass to Tribal Trap and Jungle inspired sounds, Shamanic chanting, indigenous rhythms, and refreshing House beats- Ecstatic Fire Dance is truly a global adventure. Music is medicine and can be incredibly healing if approached with the correct intention. Make sure you’re in a safe space where you can fully surrender to this practice and don’t hold anything back- it is incredibly important that you surrender and don’t try to resist anything that comes up.


A Lost Boy navigating the human experience. Founder of the NVRLND Tribe.

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