The Evening Sessions • Ecstatic Dance UK (London)





7:00 pm

7:00 pm

Ecstatic Dance

The Evening Sessions: Every Wednesday night at The Baths (Hackney Wick)

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Ecstatic Dance UK is a conscious dance events company based in London. Our mission is to create a safe, sacred space for people to come and express themselves through movement, regardless of age, gender, background or social status. We aim to make Ecstatic Dance more accessible to everyone, especially those who think dance is ‘not for them’. We believe dancing is a form of therapy and can help us connect to ourselves and to others. We embrace inclusivity, freedom of expression, openness and positivity. Come and dance with us!



18:45 Warm-up music
19:10 Opening circle // Warm-up exercises
19:30 Ecstatic Dance
21:00 Closing circle



-What to bring? A large water bottle (preferably reusable, we’ve put enough plastic on this planet) and a blanket to lie/sit on.

-What to wear? Dress ready to move, in layers and according to the temperature. Dress however you wish, but stay dressed please; tops & bottoms on for men and women alike (outside; you may remove tops if you wish, but please consider those around you). Most dancers probably come dressed as they would for say a yoga or fitness class, or for a festival boogie. 🙂

– Why do the doors close at 7:35pm, what if I just want to drop in at any time? This is a practice (albeit a great fun one!). We ask all dancers to be in the space ready to begin at 7:10pm. 7:35pm allows for those who have genuine reasons for being late, but really must be taken as the cutoff time to promote safety, a held container and to allow the fullest & deepest experience for all.

-What are your social distancing and virus prevention measures? The space, equipment (and particularly the areas coming into contact with touch) are sanitised regularly. We also keep a large bottle of hand sanitiser at your disposal.

-What kind of music? ED music is eclectic and not linked to any specific genre. We start with ambient, chillout tunes then bring you on an ecstatic journey with electronica, EDM, world music and ethnic beats before bringing you back down with downtempo tracks and finish with gentle sound bath music.

-Are children allowed? Absolutely -we love kids! Our dances are family-friendly and under 12s can come for free (subject to availability/event not selling out!). Please remember this is a practice and a moving meditation and so children must be supervised so that the space is not disrupted for others. We recommend to bring ear defenders / plugs for sensitive ears.



£15 In advance

£18 On the door (card only, no cash)

£18 Pay-It-Forward (for those who wish to help a fellow dancer who is financially struggling)

£12 Concession. These limited tickets are part funded by our Pay-It-Forward scheme. Please only choose this ticket type if really in need.

£12 BIPOC Community – As we strive for more colour diversity on conscious dance floors


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7:00 pm
9:30 pm
The Baths, 80 Eastway, London E9 5JH
How Much
Concession £12, Advance £15, On the door £18

Dance Guidelines

ED is a type of free-form dancing inviting people to connect to themselves and to others through music and movement. It takes places over a 2-hour live DJ set and starts and finishes with a short opening and closing circle led by a Ceremony Leader. There are no teacher or rules, but we ask you to follow a few guidelines:

1. No talking. ED is a silent practice -you are welcome to communicate with others with your body language, but please keep words outside the space.

2. No shoes. Barefoot dancing helps us ground ourselves by creating direct contact between our feet and the earth

3. No drugs/alcohol. ED is a conscious practice embracing mindfulness.

4. Phone-free zone. Encouraging safety & presence. Be here now.

5. Respect of self and other. We ask participants to take responsibility for themselves, but also to watch out for others and be mindful of their personal space.

6. Stay dressed please; tops on (indoor dances) for men and women alike.